Babel Fair: our showroom in NY

Hi there!
I wanted to introduce you our showroom in NY: Babel Fair. Erica Kiang, the owner, first opened the store Babel Fair in Nolita (260 Elizabeth St.) on November 2009. It carries a global, exclusive and unique assortment to die for (including Mikai bags!). The store has an european concept, with dozens of independent designers, targeted to consumers who look for something different.
After this succesful opening, Erica thought it was time to open Babel Fair showroom, which focuses on sales, public relations and branding strategy. They now represent among Mikai, another argentine brand called Ay not dead.
Check Babel fair's site at www.babelfair.com , where you can find information about the showroom and also shop online from the store.
Ay not dead site is www.aynotdead.com.ar

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