Happy new Year!!! Happy New Start!!!

Hi girls!!
It's the beginning of the year, and we all have new resolutions to accomplish! It's hard I know, especially when 2010 resolutions are still unfulfilled! What are mines? This blog!
I started it like a month ago, in a way to communicate with Mikai fans, so nothing better than a brand new year for a brand new post.

And this post it's about Mikai's new store in Santiago, Chile!

For a long time, my spanish friend Ana and I were talking about opening a store/showroom together, so the minute we got to Chile (we moved here after 2 years of living in Chicago) we put our plan in motion.
We opened the showroom called The Tienditas, just before christmas , and so far so good! At The Tienditas you can find all Mikai styles as well as Canela con Sal clothes and accesories. We already had some press releases in some magazines and blogs, with great feedback from the readers! So, wish us luck and I'll keep you post it with how we are doing here in the south!

Happy new year to you all!

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